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Britain's Got Talent - Paul Potts


Paul Potts Semi Final winning performance

Mobile phone salesman Paul Potts won Britain's Got Talent & photo with his wife Julie.

After scooping 100,000 as the first ever winner of ITV1's hit reality show, Britain's Got Talent, the 36-year-old mobile phone salesman hopes to use the money to get a new smile. - and to boost his flagging confidence.

"I'd like to deal with the teeth because I do feel very self-conscious about them," he told the press.

"It'd be nice to feel less self-conscious and to be able to smile with confidence."


It's an exciting time for Paul, who embarks his world tour later this week. The six month tour kicks off this Thursday at Rhyl Pavilions in Wales, and Paul will continue performing across the UK until his grand finale at London's Hammersmith Apollo on 17th February. From there he heads off to the other side of the globe, performing in New Zealand and Australia, before whizzing off for concerts in Asia at the end of April. Paul will then set off on the European leg of his journey, finishing in Helsinki, Finland on 6th June. If you haven't booked your tickets yet what are you waiting for?


Soul Gypsy first rehearsals

Soul Gypsy, Ilvana Handukic, Liliana Feraru, Vocals

Soul Gypsy, Dragan Milovanovic, Enver Mujagic Cupo

Design Dragan Bombek, Soul Gypsy

Soul Gypsy, Emil Pavloski, Peter Binyon Georgie Gaydev, Saxophone, Clarinet, Gayde, Soul Gypsy Nikola Milovac Nidjo,  Marinko Majstorovic Maystor, Banjo, Guitar Acoustic Soul Gypsy, Mehmed Hamzic Memo Romle

Soul Gypsy Ipswich Civic Hall -  21 March 2009






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Paul Potts





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